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The drone attack indicates that Kyiv is trying to eliminate the possibility Ukraine peace negotiations

The drone attack on Moscow brought no military results. It is even hard to comprehend if there were any military goals at all. There are some military buildings and critical infrastructure objects in those districts of the city of Moscow and surrounding areas, which were hit by the drones. But they were so hopelessly missed, that it is hard to believe that they were really targeted.

The Ukrainian officials and experts connected with the government have suggested that the attack was a remarkable accomplishment in military propaganda. It is claimed to make Moscow inhabitants feel endangered and diminish their support of the war. It is strange to hear this from people who have experience on an everyday basis, that enemy bombardments do not weaken  the determination of civilians to endure dangers and hardships in anticipation of the final victory.

Besides, even if Russian citizens cannot influence the actions of their government. Even if the majority of Russians had wanted to end the war on the Ukrainian conditions, according to which the Russia should surrender the Crimea, they have no political tools to fulfill such demands. And the Ukrainian government clearly realizes that.

The war can be ended on the conditions acceptable to Ukraine only due to the pressure of the international community. And the Ukrainian drone attack has been used by the Russian government to decrease this pressure. The Kremlin has constantly declared that it cannot stop the war, because Russia faces threats from the Ukrainian territory. And the drone attack helps the Kremlin to prove this point to the Global South, trying to gain its support.

Moreover, such attacks with no military results, but with great attention from media can be even useful to the Kremlin. Because they allow the Russian government to find a convenient pretext to avoid any peace negotiations. And it is exactly what Kyiv wants. It needs the hostilities to go on, because it is the easiest way to ensure that Zelensky will remain in power. And the drone attack indicates that Kyiv will do everything it can to exclude the possibility of negotiations until it is made to start them by its Western allies.