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We see our major goal was in providing a more comprehensive and integrated view on the events and consequences of the war in Ukraine, international conflicts that were caused be the war or deteriorated because of it, political and social changers in the Ukrainian society happening in the current circumstances.

We try to reach this goal with the help of systematic researches on all subjects pertaining to international relations, development of the Ukrainian political system and functioning of the Ukrainian economy.

The research results are to be used as a ground for recommendations for public authorities, non-government organizations and international institutions as well as for the private companies considering investment opportunities.

We are certain that independent analysis of causes and effects of current events is necessary for working out a sustainable system of European security that will guarantee long-lasting peace on the whole European continent and in Ukraine in particular.

Main fields our activity:

  • Regular and consistent monitoring of the political, military and economic development in Ukraine and global processes related to the war in Ukraine.
  • Forecast and modeling of political and economic processes in Ukraine. Monitoring and analysis can be carried out with an emphasis on certain spheres of social life, political actors government actions, state and non-state institutions, branches of economy, regions of Ukraine.
  • Research of particular problems of Ukrainian and international politics, Ukrainian economy and social life: analysys of political activities, risk analysis, development forecasts.
  • Devising a strategy of peaceful settlement in Ukrain. Consulting regarding the implementation of plans of reconciliation of the conflict and their corrections due to the changing circumstances.
  • Composing research proposals (technical tasks) for sociological researches analysis and interpretation of the results of sociological researches.
  • Organizing and holding press conferences, expert forums and round tables related to the plans of peaceful reconciliation, surveys on current situation and outlooks of its development.
  • Design and implementation of information and public relations campaigns.