IISWU expert group


Based on the fact that the international stability and security is dangerously undermined by a war in Ukraine mainly caused by inefficient decisions of political leaders proved to b unable to perceive and prevent emerging threats.

Recognizing the insufficiency of professional discussions and expert proposals the achieve the peaceful reconciliation of the war in Ukraine.

Realizing the importance of objective analysis and in-depth research of causes and consequences of the war in Ukraine for establishing sustainable and long-lasting European security system after the end of the war took the decision to found the International Institute for Study of the Consequences of the War in Ukraine (IISWU).

The IISWU mission is to design a sustainable and long-lasting European security system that will  guarantee the peaceful future for the European continent and provide for Ukraine an opportunity for well-functioning democracy and development in accordance with national interests. 

We are to start researches and expert discussions aimed to instigate political decisions essential to stop the violent conflict and secure the peaceful future after the end of the war.

IISWU Values:

A New Security Policy for Europe. The IISWU was founded with the intention to promote the development of such a security policy on the European continent that would guarantee long-lasting peace after the end of the armed conflict. This goal is to determine the activity of  the IISWU.

Equidistance. The IISWU is to be equidistant from all political forces and economic groups. The IISWU is open for cooperation but it will not be involved in any activity connected with representing or defending any private or corporate interests.

Balanced Approach. The publications of IISWU and events organized by the Institute are to be grounded on balanced and objective attitude and provide the opportunity for experts of different views to express the opinion.

Quality. The IISWU strives to offer the Ukrainian society and the international community a relevant and coherent analysis of current events and causes of the war..

Tolerance. The IISWU makes efforts to take into account wide-range of diversified opinions to organize a productive expert dialogue.

Openness. The IISWU is be open to collaboration and partnership with other entities and independent experts and strives to involve in its activities new people who want to make a contribution to end the war and secure long-lasting peace.