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Political activity in Ukraine and political impact of war (01.01-19.01)

(Full version is available under subscription)   President Zelensky gave an interview to Economist’s editor-in-chief Zanny Minton Beddoes, in which he stated once more he would not negotiate with Putin, comparing him to “an animal”. The interview took place on December 30, and an extract from it was published on Economist’s official YouTube channel on…

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Political activity, political impact of social problems and war effects (04.12-26.12 )

IISWU wishes everebody a peacefull new year!   (Full version is available under subscription)  The Ukrainian and Russian administration simultaneously declared their positions concerning the possibility of negotiations on truce on December, 14. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba  published an article in “Foreign affairs” (it appeared at the site of the journal…

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Political activity in Ukraine and political impact of war (13.11-30.11)

(Full version is available under subscription) The Ukrainian government keeps making efforts to persuade Ukrainian public and Ukraine’s foreign partners that Ukraine has to reject the idea of ceasefire because it is dangerous and immoral to make any deals with Russia which has been  repeatedly called a terrorist-state According to the address by the President…

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Zelensky will be made to start thinking about truce?

In last days ten days there have been a great deal of articles, expert commentaries and various forecasts in the popular media that have common ground. The Ukrainian offensive is significantly less successful than it was expected. It demands a lot of material resources and human casualties, but fails to bring the desired results. As…

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Zelensky sales dreams and services due to the lack of achievements

Zelesky’s speech in the parliament on the Constitution Day was probably intended to create an impression of confidence and determination. That seems to be the reason why he decided to speak about the brilliant future that should await Ukraine after the war. The President obviously wanted to demonstrate his conviction that Ukraine will inevitably be…

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Biden’s administration has to accept its blunder

Frederick H. Fleitz published in “The Federalist”, a popular conservative online magazine, the article in support of Richard Haass’ idea that the ceasefire in Ukraine is inevitable, even if the territory occupied by Russia is not liberated. Frederick Fleitz is an influential figure in the America First Policy Institute, a think tank closely connected with…

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Based on the fact that the international stability and security is dangerously undermined by a war in Ukraine mainly caused by inefficient decisions of political leaders proved to b unable to perceive and prevent emerging threats.

Recognizing the insufficiency of professional discussions and expert proposals the achieve the peaceful reconciliation of the war in Ukraine.

Realizing the importance of objective analysis and in-depth research of causes and consequences of the war in Ukraine for establishing sustainable and long-lasting European security system after the end of the war took the decision to found the International Institute for Study of the Consequences of the War in Ukraine (IISWU).

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